All that you need to know about Cairns City in Australia

Cairns is a vibrant city located in the tropical paradise of North Queensland. It is a perfect place for experiences and adventures that will change your life forever. This is a beautiful city that you cannot miss to explore. It has bungee, sky diving to name just a few. There are unique hotels and bars where you can enjoy cheap food and drinks which is also provided for travelers. Here are more things that you should know about Cairns.


The city has strong police thus make it quite safe all through even during night hours. However, you still need to be aware of your safety and possessions as you would in any other city. There are also natural dangers which you need to be careful of like sand flies, shark, and jellyfish, mosquitoes and swampy areas with crocodiles.

Green Island

This Island is located 45 minutes by boat from Cairns. This is a sand highland which is fun and enjoyable to relax the whole day with your family and friends. There is a beautiful boardwalk through the forest that leads to the other side of the island.

Visiting the Kuranda on the Scenic Railway and Skyrail

The Skyrail was opened in August 1995 at that time it was the longest gondola cableway in the whole world. It is also known to be the most popular thing to do when visiting Cairns. This is a good activity that you will enjoy very much apart from visiting the Great Barrier. You can ride the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway to the hinterland town of Kuranda then taking the Scenic Railway down.

Cape Tribulation Beach

This is where the rainforest meets the beach. It is a fantastic place in the world where the two heritage meets head to head. Whenever you visit Cairns, Cape Tribulation is a must. The Great Barrier Reef runs up to the Daintree Rainforest creating a beautiful pattern. It indeed an exciting sight to visit and have fun with your friends and family.

Hot Air Balloon over the Atherton Tablelands

You will have great fun gliding along the hot air balloon. You will hear the constant roar of the furnace and the fascinating views of the sun rising over the mountains also spilling across Atherton Tablelands and rushing beneath. You can even spot the kangaroos along the plains that you cruise over. This is some of the experiences that you may never experience them elsewhere until you visit Cairns which has unique features that are mind relaxing and health benefiting.